Koda is a beautiful, sweet american rabbit who spent the majority of his life in a small bird cage. He was surrendered by his owners on Feb. 10 2018 when he was 6 months old with another rabbit, Kenai. He luckily was healthy even though they provided no hay along with bad quality pellets. He was diagnosed with a serious blockage and is now undergoing treatment. 


Kenai was a broken soul when she was surrendered Feb. 10 2018. Surrendered with Koda, pregnant and scared, she would bite everyone who came up to her. After a month of being jumped around to different foster homes she landed back with me. She gave birth to 10 beautiful babies. She ended up not knowing how to care a feed for all of them and they all passed away. She had learned to trust people after that. Now she spends her time jumping for joy in her new fur-ever home!


Willow is a special girl. Though she is just a normal ball python, she is the most docile and calm snake i have met. I see her future in educational work! She was surrendered with Pine and Ash on March 5 2018.


Pine came in with Willow and ash on March 5 2018, totally EMACIATED. His mind and body were totally broken. He was skin and bones when he was surrendered. He is now slowly gaining back his weight and his energy. 


When Ash was surrendered with Pine and Willow on March 5 2018, she has rotting scales on her chin. This was from obvious neglect and bacteria built up from her previous home. Now with once a week betadine baths the rotting scales are coming off with sheds.


Rose is a spider ball python. She was surrendered on March 8th 2018. Even though she has severe disabilities (a neurological condition called a wobble, back kinks and very small eyes) she is thriving. She does need to be assist fed but other then that she is an amazing snake that will make her future adopters very happy.


Jerry the guinea pig was surrendered by his owners along with Ben. Before being surrendered Ben and Jerry got into a severe fight and the wounds were left untreated. Jerry got the worst of it. When Jerry came in on April 1st 2018, he had open wounds and had a severe abscess leaking fluid. He was rushed to the vet when i saw the wounds. But sadly, i found him on 4/28/18 passed away sleeping in his cage.


Ben is a little guinea pig who stands his ground and fights back. He came to us by owner surrender with Jerry. Ben has a small bite wound on his nose and when he was checked over by the vet he has a small abscess on his belly which he was on antibiotics for. He is a spunky boy with lots of personality.